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Just a few words to improve our service:
1. On-line purchasing by credit card is the fastest way to obtain your personal registration data. All credit card data are transmitted using the secure encrypted HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard. If you still do not wish to transmit your encrypted credit card number over our secure server connection, you can contact our on-line registration service by phone or fax:

ShareIt USA
ph. +1 952 646-5747 (from outside the U.S.)
ph. +1 800 903 4152 (from inside the U.S.)
fax +1 952 646-4552
  ShareIt Europe (Germany)
ph. +49 221 31088-20
fax +49 221 31088-29

To place an order by phone or fax you will need to communicate the program #ID (you can find this #ID on this page, below the name of the product you want to order).
Please notice that this on-line service is not for tech support regarding the products, but for orders alone. Should you require tech support, please contact our support department.
2. Please download, install, and try the demo version of the software before ordering. Help is always available through our support department, should you encounter any difficulties or have questions. Orders can be canceled prior to receiving your personal registration data, no fees applicable.
3. It is of great importance that you give us a complete and correct Internet e-mail address. If you enter an incorrect e-mail address or an e-mail address that does not work correctly, you will not be able to register your software. If you do not receive feedback from us within 24 hours, it is very likely that the address you have given us has some problems. In this case please contact our sales department using a different e-mail address.
1. Once you have completed your order the full versions of the following products will be immediately available for downloading
Equo Pack 
CX1V + L1V + GEQ15V + GEQ31V + PEQ1V, save up to $191

add to cart Mac OS X (Audio Units/VST)#ID 300010494$199
add to cart Windows (DirectX/VST)#ID 300010495$199
add to cart Windows (SAWStudio)#ID 300039849$259

Modula Pack 
Modulation algorithms developed with maximum care and no compromise

add to cart Mac OS X (Audio Units/VST)#ID 300090881$149
add to cart Windows (DirectX/VST)#ID 300054428$149
add to cart Windows (SAWStudio)#ID 300054439$199