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GEQ15V - VST DX SAWStudio AU plugin

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A graphic equalizer is a powerful tool that characterizes and enhances audio signals. Technically it is composed of a bank of band-pass filters, each with a fixed center frequency and a variable gain. This kind of processing unit is called "graphic" since the position of the slider resembles the frequency response of the filters bank. Thus its usage is extremely intuitive: moving the slider up boosts a selected band, moving it down cuts it.

The GEQ15V uses high quality constant Q digital filters. This allows the isolation of every filter section from the effects of the amplitude with respect to center frequency and bandwidth. The result is an accurate control permitting each band not to affect the adjacent ones.

Professionals Say
"...As with a hardware unit, you can simply start pressing buttons and turning knobs to see what sounds you get. It couldn't be easier...we found that the sound quality is exceptionally clean and clear, and that, whether we used the presets or any of our own settings, both EQs can powerfully re-shape the character of virtually any sounds fed through them...The easy usefulness and the comfortable feel of these EQs make them attractive and reliable for everyday use. Either one would make an excellent addition to any musician's set of effects tools."

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James A. Putnam and Dennis L. Trunk
Musician's Tech Central, Feb 2003

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