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Modula Pack
Modula Pack - VST AU DirectX SAWStudio plug-ins

audio examples
Electric Piano - DRY (mp3 - 624 KB)
Electric Piano - WET (mp3 - 624 KB)
Hammond - DRY (mp3 - 198 KB)
Hammond - WET (mp3 - 194 KB)
Pad - DRY (mp3 - 481 KB)
Pad - WET (mp3 - 480 KB)
by Mistheria

Electric Piano: Tremolo > Flanger > Spazio
Hammond: Phaser > Spazio
Pad: Phaser > Filter > C-Delay
Professionals Say
"The sound is Very good. Nice combinations of old mod sounds and new funky stuff...The chorus is very rich and smooth.. Sounds great...The delay is also very nice and the whole set is in sawstudio Native format, so its totally automatable...They simply use NO processing power on my 1.6 gig system..."

Carey Langille
Ocean Sound Productions