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Modula Pack
Modula Pack - VST AU DirectX SAWStudio plug-ins

audio examples
Electric Piano - DRY (mp3 - 624 KB)
Electric Piano - WET (mp3 - 624 KB)
Hammond - DRY (mp3 - 198 KB)
Hammond - WET (mp3 - 194 KB)
Pad - DRY (mp3 - 481 KB)
Pad - WET (mp3 - 480 KB)
by Mistheria

Electric Piano: Tremolo > Flanger > Spazio
Hammond: Phaser > Spazio
Pad: Phaser > Filter > C-Delay
Professionals Say
"EXCELLENT WORK!...this plugin pack works fantastically in the SAW environment...the automation possibilities with this pack make it a superior choice for the SAWStudio user..."

Steve Berson
Audio Engineer
Total Sonic Media