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Modula Pack
Modula Pack - VST AU DirectX SAWStudio plug-ins

audio examples
Electric Piano - DRY (mp3 - 624 KB)
Electric Piano - WET (mp3 - 624 KB)
Hammond - DRY (mp3 - 198 KB)
Hammond - WET (mp3 - 194 KB)
Pad - DRY (mp3 - 481 KB)
Pad - WET (mp3 - 480 KB)
by Mistheria

Electric Piano: Tremolo > Flanger > Spazio
Hammond: Phaser > Spazio
Pad: Phaser > Filter > C-Delay
Professionals Say
"...I wrote music for TV and film in my own mac based recording studio. In short, I have been working with computer based music for some 20 years now, and have tried out most available music software. All of the plug ins worked without fault on my core 2 duo intel mac, running leopard 10.5.6...CPU usage by all of them is very low. The tremolo worked very well, especially with guitar and electric piano. My wurlitzer 200 sounded great through it. The chorus was very smooth. It reminded me of my favourite chorus - an old Roland Dimension D unit. The phaser has a very clear definition, and adds life to a range of sound sources, including string synth pads. It helped me reproduce the sound of Solina and Crumar string machines of the 1970's. I used the flanger on my precision bass. It added some welcome movement to the sound, and also produced a very strong stereo image. I let my son experiment with the C Delay. He was easily able to reproduce 'ping pong' multi-tap delays (like his hero The Edge of U2)...The LFO extends the range of this unit considerably. The units accurately tracked the tempo of the sequencer package that was hosting them. In short, I am very impressed."

Blair Cowan
Musician / Composer / Producer